Starting off with original antique furniture in various states of condition.  I remove all upholstery and springs, which usually reveal areas in need of repair.

95 % of the time, the furniture is completely disassembled, again which reveal cracked wood or broken dowels.  Sanding, stripping, re-doweling and repairs are made prior to reassembling.

Once the piece is ready for assembly, we use a high strength two part epoxy that is used to glue and clamp the furniture overnight.  This creates furniture that is solid for many years.

 Finishing involves, staining, varnishing and a coat of wax to preserve the finish.

Seat springs are replaced by framing and High Density Foam, when upholstered create a firm and comfortable seat.

 Upholstery is chosen to fit the era of the furniture.

I do all of the repairs, gluing, finishing and upholstery myself.

This is a hobby, not a business, so quality is what I strive for.
This web site is only a tool for me to use, to show you my hobby.  So bear with me, while I give you some insight on what I am proficient at.
To follow is a brief description of the process for bringing original pieces back to their beauty and function.